Board of Directors & Officers

Board members serve two year terms and half the board seats are up for election every year. The President is elected to a two-year term every other year. The Vice-President is appointed annually by the full elected board. The Secretary/Treasurer, Instructional Chair, and Assignor are non-voting members of the board. They are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the elected board.

The board is here to serve you. Feel free to contact them by e-mail.

     Meeting location: Via Zoom Meetings

      All Board Meetings are open to all OCBOA members.

Board of Directors

Sean Miltimore – President (2021-2023)

Jerry Nearhoof – Vice President (2021-2023)

Keith Gibbs – Member at Large (2020-2022)

Jeff Osborne– Member at Large (2020-2022)

Tim Weil – Member at Large (2021-2023)

David Spigner – Member at Large (2021-2023)

Joe Venegas – Member at Large (2021-2023)

Jeff Maass – Member at Large (2021-2022)

Gary Sartor – Member at Large (2020-2022)

Appointed Board Members

   Dave Winchester-Secretary/Treasurer

Steve Wanamaker– Instructional Chair

Gary Gilman – Assignor

Special Appointed Chairman & Committees

Stu Rains – Rating Committee Chair

Steven Wilson- Tech Officer

Steve Beach – Ethics Committee Chair

Paul Gilmore – Election Committee Chair