Instruction Updates

August 10, 2018

I have some instructional team announcements for the upcoming season:

Javier Navarro will return as lead clinician and assume the role of Assistant IC. Jeff Staudinger will not be returning next season as Assistant IC, please join me in thanking him for his hard work and dedication the past two seasons.

I am very excited to announce that Steve Wanamaker will be joining the instructional team as Rules Interpreter. Steve is doing well in his recovery but still has a long road ahead. Please continue to support him and his family in any way you can, and keep those prayers coming!

Stu Rains will be returning for his third season as Ratings Chair. Stu has done a tremendous job the past two seasons with revamping the ratings system and observations. He and I will continue to work together improving these areas.

Jeff Osborne will serve in the newly-created position of Mentor Program Chair. Sean Miltimore will continue to assist Jeff with the mentor program. As you recall, I made it a point during the 2017 season to bring back our mentor program, Jeff and Sean took it to another level during the 2018 season. I received a lot of positive feedback in our end of year online survey regarding the mentor program. I will continue to work closely with Jeff and Sean to keep improving it. Please do not hesitate to contact them if you have any suggestions to continue to improve this great program.

August 7, 2018

I hope everyone is having a great summer. As we all know, the 2019 HS season will start two weeks earlier. So naturally, the training program for the upcoming season will start sooner than previous years.

I attended the annual summer CBUA IC meeting in July that Brad Hungerford has held for the past few summers. There were different topics discussed with ICs from various CBUA member groups. I would like to touch on some of the highlights of the meeting.

Website: CBUA’s website is now up and running. There is a lot of information that can be found on the website regarding the latest happenings within CBUA. The online study guide and classification exam will be administered via the CBUA website for ALL CBUA member groups. The set-up of the study guide and classification exam will be the same as it was for the 2018 season on the OCBOA website. The open and close dates of the study guide and exam will be announced at a later date. The web address can be found below:

CBUA web link:

CBUA Regional Training Program: New for the upcoming season, CBUA will be hosting four regional clinics for all the CBUA member groups to attend. The first clinic will be held at JSerra High School on October 6th.As I receive information, I will pass it along to the membership. For your viewing pleasure, here is a one-minute promotional video for the upcoming regional clinics!

Video link:

Enjoy the rest of your off-season,