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Southern California’s OCBOA is an Umpire training and educational organization which schedules umpires to work games at all levels of high school baseball in Orange County, including CIF Southern Section playoffs. OCBOA is recognized for excellence in umpire development and training.

Ratings Memo 2017

Members – for the 2016 baseball season, you will remember that our theme was “professionalism.”  I mentioned it in one form or another at almost every meeting.  As a group, we did a great job of keeping that focus throughout the year.  We are expanding on that theme in 2017, and have developed a Mission Statement for the upcoming season:

OCBOA is united in the attitude of development, training and preparation, with the goal of putting our best available product on the field. The package of on-field training through clinics; classroom participation and test results, along with the willingness to give back by mentoring and conducting peer evaluations, are all criteria that we expect of our membership in striving to accomplish  strengthening the organization. In being stronger collectively as a unit, each individual umpire will gain strength and success through better preparedness and confidence for the upcoming year.

Along with the new assignor Gary Gilman, we have appointed Stuart Rains as the Ratings Committee Chairman. Since ratings discussions and comparisons have been the most time intensive aspect that our members and board have dealt with over the years, we asked Stu and his committee to revise and update our ratings program. As a result, we have reduced the number of ratings categories from 12 to 7 this year.

Here are the new categories:

100 – Varsity Crew Chief
150 – Varsity Advanced
200 – Varsity Umpire
250 –  Varsity/JV Umpire
300 – JV Umpire
400/2nd Year – JV/Frosh -Soph Umpire
500/1st Year – Freshman Umpire

Varsity Crew Chief: this Umpire will have a 100 rating.
The qualifications for this type of Umpire will be a Crew Chief ready umpire for the Three Man games in High School Division 1 or 2 baseball. This individual must be proficient in Three Man mechanics. This Umpire should attend or instruct advance Three Man or OCBOA clinics, and must be able to complete partner evaluations on members rated between 150 to 500. This Umpire must be willing to give back as a mentor or instructor within our organization. This individual must have excellent game management skills.

Varsity Advanced: this Umpire will have a 150 rating.
The qualifications for this type of Umpire will be a Crew Chief ready Umpire for High School Division 3 through 7 baseball. This individual must be an expert in Two Man mechanics, and a mentor for the 200 rated Umpires. Must have some knowledge of Three Man mechanics to work Three Man games if scheduled in playoff game assignments. Can only be evaluated by 100 rated Umpires or an approved evaluation staff member in order to be moved up. Must attend OCBOA approved clinics and should attend an advanced clinic. This individual can crew chief a major Two Man Varsity game, and can lead his partner through a challenging situation.

Varsity Umpire: This Umpire will have a 200 rating.
This Umpire will work all Varsity levels except Three Man, but must have some Three Man training to be scheduled for playoff assignments.  Must have attended OCBOA or approved outside clinics and desire to improve and mentor other officials. Will be trained through mentor evaluations, classroom instruction, OCBOA and approved outside clinics.

Varsity/JV Umpire: This Umpire will have a 250 rating.
This Umpire will work lower level and Varsity games and work JV games. Will be trained through Mentor evaluations, OCBOA clinics and classroom instruction.

Junior Varsity Umpire: This Umpire will have a 300 rating
This umpire will work JV baseball. Trained by Mentor evaluations, OCBOA clinics and classroom instruction.

Second Year Members: This Umpire will have a 400 rating.
Works Frosh-Soph and JV baseball. Trained by mentor evaluations, OCBOA clinics, and classroom instruction.

Rookie/1st Year Member: This Umpire will have a 500 rating. 
Works freshman baseball.  Trained at OCBOA clinics and classroom instruction

As you can see, we have a eliminated the following ratings: 125, 175, 225, 350 and 600, and defined the skill sets that should be possessed in each of the respective ratings tiers. It was time to establish more achievable and understandable goals for umpires.
I’m sure many questions will arise as we approach the 2017 season, as is inevitable with major changes. We ask for your patience and understanding as we implement the programs that will focus on our Mission Statement, and allow each of you as well as the organization to excel throughout the year.   As always, I will spend all the necessary time answering your questions by phone or by email.

In closing, your assignment schedule will be consistent with your 2016 season.   This ratings adjustment was done to define what is necessary to move to the next level.

Terry Torline


Message From The President

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